Estate planning isn’t about money.
It’s about family.

Families, like estates, come in every shape and size: mixed, blended, single, traditional. No matter what form your family takes, Lynk Law can help. We’re here to walk you through estate planning at your own pace, answering questions and demystifying the process, tailoring a customized plan that protects what’s most important to you.

Our mission

We work hard to know the law inside and out. We want to empower our clients with the knowledge and tools to make the best decisions for their families and their future. We believe good lawyers are genuine, honest people who hold themselves to high standards.

Lynk Law Inc. was founded with a simple vision: create a law firm that we, personally, want to work with and can confidently recommend to our friends and family. We are passionate about what we do and driven to help you, your family, and your future.

Sona A. Tatiyants