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Our Clients Speak For Themselves

“Something I’ve always noticed with the best people in any field is the ease and simplicity with which they handle everything– so much so that you often don’t realize, until talking to others afterward, what a mess things could’ve been. Such is the case with Sona. She is a true professional who will take care of every possible aspect of your estate planning, consulting you each step of the way until every document is 100% complete and ironclad. The fact that she’s also a warm, compassionate, and charming human being makes the experience all the more special. Thanks again, Sona. We’ll appreciate it forever.”

“I would highly recommend Sona and her team. She is very thorough, sensitive and tactful during what could be an emotional and delicate process. She was able to guide my wife and I through the thought process and give us the information we needed to make competent estate choices. She was very clear about laying out the pros and cons of certain decisions we were contemplating, without making us feel like she was telling us what to decide.

Making these kinds of plans is an ongoing process. As your life situation changes, children grow, retirement, etc., your estate plans need to change. So, finding the right lawyer to plan your estate becomes a bit of a lasting relationship. Sona is the kind of person you would want to be in that relationship with. In the several hours that we spent with her discussing all the details of our lives we found her to be caring and attentive, and tuned in to what our values are as a couple and a family. She is a real person.

Overall, it was a great experience.”

“People work with people they like. So it is wonderful to find excellent lawyers who are exceedingly professional AND genuinely amiable.

As soon as we met, my husband and I felt comfortable and confident in choosing Sona and the team at Lynk Law. The atmosphere at the firm was like walking into sunshine, warm and inviting. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and efficient.

Estate planning, legally and emotionally, can be daunting. Sona patiently and succinctly explained many of the confusing legal jargon and ramifications. She helped us find the best possible options to suit our specific needs and wishes. These legal documents will serve us well during our lifetime and beyond. It is better to do things right the first time. With Lynk Law, mission accomplished!”

“As a business owner and attorney I know that having an estate plan is very important. However, I had been putting it off for years because I was dreading the process. I felt like it would be very time consuming and stressful.  After the birth of my son, my husband and I decided it was time to get our house in order.  We hired Sona and could not be more pleased with the results.  Sona was amazing…incredibly smart, professional and insightful. The process was painless and she guided us along each step of the way.  I appreciated her taking the time to explain everything to us and answer all of our questions. Her staff was also very organized and I appreciated that. I recently sent my parents to go see her for their estate plan. I highly recommend Sona to anyone looking to create or update their estate plan. Now I can finally check that item off my to do list. Thank you Sona!”

“After having our first baby, my wife and I decided that we needed to build an estate plan to ensure our daughter was taken care of in case something happened to both of us. We were recommended to Sona and Lynk Law by my coworker. I can’t give enough praise to Sona and her team at Lynk Law for how easy and painless they made this process.

Being a new and growing family, we wanted to make sure we found a lawyer who understood our life situation and what we needed from an estate plan at our age. Being a young parent herself, Sona really understood our situation and provided insight and guidance throughout the process to help us navigate the estate plan development.

I would highly recommend Sona and Lynk Law if you are looking to build an estate plan.”

“Sona was extremely professional, compassionate, and client-focused. She understood that our family was going through a serious health crisis and she treated us not only as clients, but as if we were family. This is so rare to find in today’s business environment, where profit is usually the primary focus, but not with Sona and her team. Everyone is so helpful and they went above and beyond to help our family setup a revocable trust, all the while being flexible and always willing to go the extra mile for us.

I have already recommended them to another member of our family. Thank you Sona and your team for being the best at what you do. We are grateful for everything you did for our family. God bless you and your team for being such a blessing to us during this very difficult time.”

“I could go on forever about all the reasons I love this Law Firm. My sister, who used to practice the same kind of law, gave me great advice. She told me to find a reputable firm but not a huge corporate firm. After our experience with Lynk Law, I know exactly why she said this. A trust is very personal. You want to feel you can connect on a certain level with the person preparing all of this for you. Sona, who was our attorney, guides you step by step through the entire process. She is so good at what she does and more importantly loves what she does. They entire staff is so professional and kind. We are so grateful to have found Lynk Law. Thank you to Sona, Kendall, Kimberly and everyone at Lynk Law!”

“We had our trust and will prepared by Sona Tatiyants and the entire process felt wonderful from start to finish.  Not only did it bring us such peace of mind to finally get this done, but also, at each step in the process, Sona’s expertise and insight helped us craft an estate plan that we feel sure will protect our children as well as our wishes for them.  She puts a lot of thought into how she designs a trust, and she knows tax law in and out, which gives her a competitive edge over lesser attorneys.  As a mother of 2 kids, Sona could relate easily to our goals and fears and come up with excellent solutions / suggestions as a result.  We are also business owners, and her ability to advise on how that ties in to our estate planning needs made a big difference in feeling sure nothing accidentally got ‘left out of the picture’. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who needs to get their family affairs in order.  I would also encourage anyone with small kids to make it a priority to prepare a trust and a will, because it really will help you sleep better at night!!!”